Sunday, 8 November 2009

The BLUEROOM Drum Kit is a pack of 47 Samples of Drums (Kicks, Snares,Hats...) and Percussion (Jambee, Bongo). This pack might be upgraded soon, so keep an eye open. We believe in quality over quantity. So, even the samples included in this pack, will be fine-tweaked or replaced in the future, for the sake of quality. This is just the start of a continuous work, so bear with us. The current Volume contains:

Hit hats
11 Percussion shots (From “perc.04” to “perc.11”, samples from ZL's own Jembe)

Listen to the BLUEROOM DrumKit in Action!

Download: BLUEROOM DrumKit

You can also get this drumkit, and many others at Warbeats.Com a great site for music production. There, you will find a lot of tutorials, including drum pattern programming. Visit the website, and upgrade you knowledge!

Have fun, and enjoy your e-drumming experience!

Saturday, 24 October 2009

RB MOLOTOF ( Version 1.0)

RB MOLOTOF, the 4 oscillators subtractive synthesizer! This is the first virtual instrument coming out of Zona Libertada's plugin adventure.

RB MOLOTOF(Ribeira Bote Molotof) is a simple 4 Oscillator synthesizer. It can be used as stand alone software or as a VST plugin in a host sequencer. In both modes, the user gains acess to it’s playing capabilities with the computer keyboard or MIDI and MIDI-USB keyboards (the latest recommended, for a greater experience).

RB MOLOTOF is a FREE plugin, and Zona Libertada values all inputs from users. It was designed and assembled by G.Silva. He is commited to raise the plugin's quality and reliability in each update, or future versions release. So collab with us if you can, downloading and sharing the instrument. For more info, check the Manual. When u try it, leave us some Feedback!

  • Download RB MOLOTOF (v1.0) Setup
  • Download User's Manual PDF
  • Download User's Manual Word